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Brand: unknown
Sorry, this product is not available

The Strike Universal Alpha Cradle is truly a universal solution for all smart phones. This Phone Holder is adjustable & flexible to fit almost all smartphones.

Now, you can enjoy hands free access with your mobile device and enjoying its fast charging feature at the same time. This Universal Cradle can hold, secure & protect your smartphone whilst you are driving. It can be paired with a Strike antenna for additional signal boost. This Alpha Cradle car holder requires professional installation.

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  • Integrate seamlessly - With the cradle being fully pass through compatible, Strike has allowed your Alpha Cradle to be used with any Bluetooth car kit, entertainment unit or your computer.
  • Holds, charges, protects and boosts the signal of your phone.
  • Accepts 12/24 Volt charging with voltage spike protection.
  • Engineered to ensure the handset sits flush against thepassive antenna connection. Providing superior signal boosting performance.
  • Comes with FME male for external antenna connection.
Pacificomm Group Limited 

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