About Us

Pacificomm, a wholly owned and operated subsidiary of telecommunications investment company Millennium Corporation, is a specialised distributor of handsets, tablets and accessory products and value added services to customers and partners within the Pacific Region.

We focus on enhancing the performance and results of the key participants in the wireless device chain: manufacturers, operators and retailers.

In a vibrant and ever changing marketplace Pacificomm strives to provide its partners with a one stop logistics shop, supporting every stage of a product’s life cycle from source and selection through to promotion and replacement.

As a leading distributor of mobility products, we have strong supplier relationships within the Pacific Region, providing a direct conduit to leading international vendors and regional sales channels. This enables us to range and distribute the very best products for consumer retail and business segments.



It is the sum of all our parts that makes us unique. As a Millennium Corp company, Pacificomm has the ability to leverage the talent, innovation and a 20 year record of our wider group. Our technology focus and front line experience operating connected retail channels, providing channel services and intelligent supply chains, enables us to provide our partners with unique solutions and outcomes.

Pacificomm Group Limited 

Level 5 151 Victoria Street West
New Zealand